About the author

Diego-portrait-for-webHi and welcome to Geomicrobes.com. My name is Diego Giao García. I have been a scientist all my life, although I suppose that this was official when I received my PhD degree from the Center for Geomicrobiology at Aarhus UniversityDenmark. Before that, I did a Bachelor in Biology at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain), with the Specialization in Environmental Biology, focusing on Ecology and Soil Sciences. During my Bachelor Thesis, entitled “Trace and major element distribution in podzolic soils in Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)” I discover that I wanted to continue in the research world. I decided to move abroad  to do a MSc degree and continue my scientific career. After a long search, I decided to move to Syddandk Universitet (Denmark), where I did a MSc thesis called “Understanding the performance of Sedimentary Fuel Cell Batteries depending on different biogeochemical characteristics ” in the NordCEE (Nordic Centre for Earth Evolution). For a up-to-date CV, you can visit www.diegogiao.com or my Linkedin profile.

When I finished my PhD degree, I realized that I my passion was teaching Science. I left my scientific career and moved into education, where I am working as Science co-ordinator and Teacher at The International Academy and Boarding School of Denmark.  Learning Science only provides a better understanding of the universe and the rules that make it. It also develops critical thinking, which gives a set of tools to defend ourselves from fallacies, bigotry and people trying to take advantage of other’s ignorance. Nowadays, a citizen of the world need a solid understanding of the complex world we live in.

The purpose of this blog is to write about topics that I found fun and that I consider useful to write about. I will try to spark curiosity in the different scientific fields, provoking preconceptions in some topics, and to stimulate imagination and curiosity.  As a biogeochemist, I tend to gravitate towards the Environmental Sciences, but I like to challenge myself and write about other fields, from Astrophysics to the Theory of Knowledge. One of the beauties of Science is that it does not belong to anyone in particular, but to everyone. It is our most precious treasure, and our only light in a sea of darkness and mystery.

Welcome to Geomicrobes.com.